Crystal Plex Liquid Copper Sulfate Algae Control - 1 Gallon

Sanco Industries

Crystal Plex 

a liquid copper sulfate solution designed to kill and control algae and some aquatic plants including Hydrilla.

  • Controls many types of algae like filamentous, chara, and placktonic for a beautiful and safe pond all year long

  • Uses our proprietary stabilizers
  • Long term algae control
  • 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, consumption, and irrigation. Not for use in Koi or Trout ponds
  • Treat only a third to a half of your pond at a time
  • One gallon treats 1 surface acre 1-3 ft deep
  • For one acre, mix 1 gallon of Crystal Plex with 10 gallons of water and spray directly on the algae mats


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    Excellent product

    Excellent product. Good service. Thank you

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