Crystal Blue Lake and Pond Colorant - 1 Gallon

Sanco Industries

Crystal Blue Lake and Pond Colorant Dye

Apply one container of Crystal Blue per acre of water with an average depth of 4-6 feet deep. One gallon of Crystal Blue will treat approximately 1,500,000 gallons of water, depending on water quality. Pour from container along shoreline or from a slow moving boat. Crystal Blue can also be applied at water inlet or by stpot treatment at regular intervals across the surface of the water. Use caution in windy conditions. Crystal Blue will slowly disperse and mix uniformly throughout the entire body of water over approximately a 24 hour period as a natural reaction to wind and water currents.

Use additional Crystal Blue if depper color is desired. For best results, apply early in the spring and throughout the season to maintain a consistent color. Note: color may be altered by outflow, evaporation or rainfall and additional treatments may be required.

Safe and harmless to all animals and vegetation. Will not stain or harm water fowl, fish, or livestock once diluted. Does not interfere with agricultural chemicals.

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Category: Blue Colorant

Type: Colorant

Brand: Sanco Industries

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