Ancora Microbial Insecticide (Preferal) - 1 Lb.


Ancora Microbial Insecticide (Preferal Alternative)

Ancora Microbial Insecticide is a naturally-occurring fungus that infects both foliage and soil dwelling insects such as whiteflies, aphids, thrips, weevils, psyllids, leafminers, spider mites, mealybugs, and other pests. Ancora is registered by the EPA and is labeled for use in the greenhouse, nursery, landscape and turf markets.

Ancora Microbial Insecticide Benefits
  • Biological insecticide that provides efficacy as good or better than traditional insecticides
  • Broad-spectrum activity on both foliar and soil insects
  • Patented, highly virulent and effective strain
  • Submerge fermented in the U.S.A. under highest QC and process control
  • Contains blastospores which germinate and infect faster
  • Unique mode of action—highly effective for resistance management
  • Easy to use and mix 20% WDG formulation
  • Little or no effect on beneficial insects
  • OMRI listed
  • 4 hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI)

Rate of use: Mix Ancora in clean water at a rate of 14 to 28 ounces of product per 100 gallons of water. Agitate for 20-30 minutes before application to ensure a well-dispersed suspension.

Product may be premixed with 5 gallons of water per pound of Ancora and agitated continuously for 20-30 minutes to completely suspend and hydrate the spores. Dilute this suspension to the final volume for application. This suspension can also be metered (injected) into a chemigation syspem without furtherdilution if desired.

Active Ingredient:
Apopka Strain 97 (ATCC 20874) - 20%

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