Copper Sulfate Fine Crystals - 50 Lbs.

Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc.

Copper Sulfate Crystals Fine Grade

  • A versatile farm chemical:
  • Pest control - snails and slugs
  • Pond cleaner - algae, mosquito larvae
  • Natural fungicide mildew
  • Antiseptic - household germs
  • Organic Bordeaux mix - blight, apple scab, leaf curl, etc.);
  • Remove old tree stumps (bore a hole and insert
  • Kill roots clogging septic tank pipes - flush down the toilet.
  • Wood and canvas preservative (prevents dry rot),

...or simply grow lovely blue crystals.

Usage: For pipeline systems (toilets, etc.) - 1 cup down drains every 2 weeks or 2 cups per month.


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  • D
    Dink Strain D. S. Dink S.

    Good job

    The product came in exactly as ordered. Exactly when I was told it would be there. Good job

  • S
    Scott Sebastian S. S. Scott S.

    copper sulfate

    all good

  • R
    Robert Duffy R. D. Robert D.

    Tiny crystals

    Crystals are so tiny they’re impossible to spread by hand to any distance.

  • C
    Chuck Oborny C. O. Chuck O.

    fast service

    Received super fast. will order from here again

  • L
    Les Perry L. P. Les P.

    Great service

    Arrived undamaged, packed securely. Fast service. Thank you

  • S
    Scott Larson S. L. Scott L.

    Copper Sulfate

    Although I tried to order the large crystals I received the fine instead. The fine will work but I prefer the larger crystals. Are they not available?

  • K
    Khari Holmes K. H. Khari H.

    Feed grade ?

    I called to check on the feed grade status of the fine crystal copper sulfate. Thankful that the representative said all the copper sulfate is feed grade

  • G
    Greg Walbrun G. W. Greg W.

    Great customer service

    Seed world went out to f their way to help me with my order,

  • T
    Tommy Scott T. S. Tommy S.


    Great price and service

  • G
    Greg Thomas G. T. Greg T.

    Copper sulfate

    Delivered timely and in tact

  • M
    Melinda Hubbard M. H. Melinda H.

    Delivery was OK

    The box was damaged but the product was not

  • D
    Duane Wilcox D. W. Duane W.

    Copper sulfate arrived as promised, very pleased

    Copper Sulfate Fine Crystals - 50 Lbs.

  • D
    Duane Huston D. H. Duane H.

    Product review

    Good service , small tear in bag was able to recover product. Satisfied and will be ordering it again. Thank you.

  • C
    Charles Burnell C. B. Charles B.

    Great price and Rapid Delivery!!!

    I’ve never used this company before, but have been overly impressed with the ease of ordering, rapid delivery, and quality of the product as well as their pricing. Highly recommend!

  • D
    Dmitri Khorokhorin D. K. Dmitri K.

    Copper Sulfate Fine Crystals - 50 Lbs

    Great product for right price. Fast delivery.

  • M
    Mark Prymula M. P. Mark P.


    As descibed

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