Copper Sulfate Fine Crystals - 50 Lbs.

Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc.

Copper Sulfate Crystals Fine Grade

  • A versatile farm chemical:
  • Pest control - snails and slugs
  • Pond cleaner - algae, mosquito larvae
  • Natural fungicide mildew
  • Antiseptic - household germs
  • Organic Bordeaux mix - blight, apple scab, leaf curl, etc.);
  • Remove old tree stumps (bore a hole and insert
  • Kill roots clogging septic tank pipes - flush down the toilet.
  • Wood and canvas preservative (prevents dry rot),

...or simply grow lovely blue crystals.

Usage: For pipeline systems (toilets, etc.) - 1 cup down drains every 2 weeks or 2 cups per month.

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  • S
    Sarah Koldewey S. K. Sarah K. us

    Great Price, Fast Service

    This was the best deal I found on this, my plumber recommended it for killing tree roots after pulling about a garbage bag full out of the pipes of our 100 year old home. Hopefully keeps them at bay. Fast shipping and a great value

  • J
    James Hotaling J. H. James H. us

    copper sulfate


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