Concert II Fungicide - 2.5 Gallons


Concert II Fungicide

Use rate: 1.5-8.3 fl. oz./1000 sq. ft.   Concert II fungicide provides golf course superintendents with preventive disease control on greens, fairways and roughs. Using a proprietary blend of the active ingredients from Banner MAXX II and Daconil, it is an important component of spray programs for cool-season grasses.  
  • Protects against more than 13 diseases, including snow mold (gray and pink), stem rust, anthracnose, dollar spot, gray leaf spot and brown patch
  • Provides superior resistance against dollar spot with both contact and systemic activity
  • Offers preventive disease control at efficient rates and cost making it particularly useful, versatile and economical to treat fairways, roughs and greens
  • Contains multi-site mode of action enabling product to be used to delay or prevent the development of resistance to single-site fungicides
  • Helps reduce human application error with no tank mixing requirements
  Active ingredient: 2.9% Propiconazole, 38.5% Chlorothalonil
Not for use in greenhouses, or on home lawns and turf sites associated with apartment buildings, daycare centers, playgrounds, playfi elds, recreational park athletic fi elds, athletic fi elds located on or next to schools (i.e., elementary, middle and high schools), campgrounds, churches, and theme parks.

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