Clethodim Herbicide (Clethodim 26.4%) - 1 Pint

Seed Ranch

26.4% Clethodim Herbicide provides postemergent control and/or suppression of many annual and perennial grass weeds, including foxtail, crabrass, and goosegrass.

  • Mixes well with many popular broadleaf herbicides
  • Rainfast in one hour
  • Labeled for use on many crops, including soybeans, alfalfa, canola, and more

Rate of use: 4-16 fl. oz. per acre, depending on crop. See label for full instructions.

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  • Verified buyer
    5 star rating George Glatz G. G. George G.

    Excellent Service !

    Service and product performance exceeded expectations!

  • Verified buyer
    5 star rating Ronald Moore R. M. Ronald M.

    Food plots

    I have not got to use yet

  • Verified buyer
    3 star rating Wayne Lewis W. L. Wayne L.

    No opinion yet

    Seemed like it leaked during transit. I will photograph and send a picture. Noxious chemical odor should not have been present on unopened product. However let me know what you think. It appears 5 to 10 percent of produc is missing. I intend to spot spray poa anna on a 5000 sq ft centipede lawn. Dont need much product anyway. What is your suggestion of amount per gallon in pump hand sprayer? Wayne

  • 5 star rating DExWtSbs D. DExWtSbs



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