Cleargraze (PastureGard HL Alternative) Herbicide


ClearGraze Triclopyr Fluroxypyr Herbicide

Active Ingredients: Triclopyr 45.07%, Fluroxypyr 15.56%

CLEARGRAZE Pasture Herbicide is a premier pasture herbicide combination for herbaceous and woody plant control without 2,4-D, dicamba or picloram restrictions.

• Provides outstanding brush and herbaceous weed control

• Low volatility broad-spectrum herbicide combination at the optimum ratio

• Different application methods dependent on targeted species and desired land management objective with no soil residual

• Can be used in 2,4-D restricted areas - Caution Signal Word

• No grazing restrictions including lactating dairy animals

- 14-Day Haying Restriction

- 3-Day Slaughter Restriction

Targeted Weeds: (See label for complete list) Broadleaf Weeds Controlled Annual broomweed Bedstraw (cleavers) Black medic Cocklebur Curly dock Dogfennel (cypressweed) Field bindweed Kochia Marestail Pigweed Plantain Prickly lettuce Puncturevine Ragweed (common and western) Sericea lespedeza Sulfur cinquefoil Thistle spp. Tropical soda apple Velvetleaf Yarrow Woody Plants Controlled Aspen Birch species Blackberry Chinese tallowtree Elderberry Hackberry Honeysuckle Huisache Poison ivy Locust (black and honey) Mesquite Persimmon (eastern and Texas) Poison oak Poplars Privet Prunus spp. Sassafras Sumac Willow Yucca

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