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Bimini Bermuda Grass Plugs - 2 Trays

Bimini Bermuda Grass Plugs
Bermuda Grass

Deep blue-green bermudagrass with good wear tolerance and recovery. Excellent drought resistance and tolerance along with bermudagrass shade tolerance.

  • 21.5" x 11.25" x 3.25" per tray
  • contains 18 (3" x 3" Grass plugs)
  • Deep Blue-green color
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Tolerates drought
  • Fast horizontal growth
  • Hardwearing in demanding climates


1 tray covers 50 sq. ft.

10 trays cover 500 sq.ft.

20 trays cover 1000 sq.ft.

Plugs should be between 6 - 12 inches apart and take 3 - 4 months under ideal conditions for full coverage to be attained.

 Due to lengthy delivery times and restrictions, we do not deliver plugs to California, Oregon, Washington, or Nevada.

Shipment of plugs is cut off by Wednesday during the week unless in Florida.
*UPS and USPS do not deliver on weekends.

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