Casoron 4G Weed and Grass Killer Herbicide - 25 Lbs.

Casoron 4G Fine 16-30 Mesh Herbicide
A pre-emergent herbicide which easily handles many troublesome weeds in and around established woody landscape ornamentals, non-crop areas, fruit and nut trees and respective nurseries. It develops a vapor barrier and is active for 9-10 months after application. Applications should be made under cool weather conditions in late fall or very early spring. Active ingredient is dichlobenil, which acts by inhibiting germination and actively dividing cells of meristems of growing points and root tips.

  • REI: 12 Hrs
  • Active Ingredient: Dichlobenil
  • Signal Word: Caution
  • Rate: Varies depending on application method. See label.
  • Controls: Broadleaf and grassy weeds. See label for complete list.

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