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Bush Bean Cherokee

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About Cherokee Wax Bean: Cherokee Wax, first available to the public in 1947, comes from the research department of Clemson University in South Carolina. This bean comes from a strain that yields very vigorously and resists disease, and was distinguished with the AAS Award in 1948. "Wax" is a term originally from New England that has come to refer to any bean that grows yellow in color.

Cherokee Wax Bean Germination: Direct sow seeds in rich, well drained soil in full sun at least a week after the last expected frost, since beans are quite sensitive to cold. If you have never planted beans in your garden before, treat the seeds with a powder inoculant to allow the process of nitrogen fixation to begin. Plant them 1" deep and 3-6" apart, in rows about 2' apart; press down the earth above them for good soil contact. These seeds rot easily in wet soil, so do not over water them. Germination should take place 7-10 days after planting. For companion planting benefits, plant bush beans near carrots, cucumbers, or corn; avoid planting them near onions.

Growing Cherokee Wax Bean Seeds: After germination, maintain soil moisture; beans have shallow roots, and need water at least once a week if the weather is dry. Mulching the plants helps conserve moisture and discourages weeds.

Harvesting Cherokee Wax Bean: Expect your first beans about ten weeks after germination. Daily harvesting improves production; for best flavor and tenderness, pick the beans when they are no larger than a pencil in thickness. Serve or preserve the same day you harvested them for the freshest taste.

Saving Cherokee Wax Bean Seeds: Near the end of the growing season, allow the beans to dry completely on the vine; the pods will be light brown, and the seeds will rattle inside. Remove the seeds from the pods. After the seeds are completely dry, store them in a cool, dry place for up to a year.

Detailed Cherokee Wax Bean Info: Phaseolus vulgaris. Annual. 55 days. 70 seeds per oz. 12-24" plant height. 3-6" spacing. These yellow wax beans have black seeds, and grow 5-6" long.

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