Asulox Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons.

United Phosphorus, Inc.

Asulox Post-Emergent Herbicide

Asulox herbicide provides excellent post-emergent control of a wide variety of troublesome perennial grasses. Trusted by sugarcane growers for its continued effectiveness, Asulox can be applied to plant cane or cane grown for stubble. Asulox is proven to control johnsongrass, crabgrass, goosegrass, barnyardgrass, and foxtail.

  • Post-emergent perennial grass control
  • Trans-locates to root system
  • Leader in sugarcane weed control
  • For agricultural or commercial use only
  Rate of application: 5-8 pints/acre, depending on weed species; see full details on label   Active ingredient: 36.2% Sodium salt of asulam

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  • R
    Ronaldo Costa R. C. Ronaldo C.

    Great Service, Speedy Shipping and delivery

    Excellent service and very fast shipping

  • K
    Kathy Gatherer K. G. Kathy G.


    I was told to get this product to kill ferns in our hay field. It did take care of some of them but way more came back this year that I expected. Given that, I did buy some more to spray again this year.

  • T
    Tamara Schaffer T. S. Tamara S.

    My beautiful yard

    It’s great

  • N
    Nicholas Caldwell N. C. Nicholas C.

    Fast Delivery

    Very fast order fulfillment.

  • K
    Karl Carlile K. C. Karl C.

    Seed World Staff

    You guys ROCK!!!! The whole process was quick and easy and shipped quickly...You provided excellent service..thank you

  • K
    Karl Wieser K. W. Karl W.

    Asulox sale

    Outstanding service! Quick delivery!

  • J
    Joe Kelly J. K. Joe K.


    Great great service fast and professional.

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    Richard Mays R. M. Richard M.

    Great Response

    Quick acknowledment of order. Delivery was 3 days early.

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    Albert Pita A. P. Albert P.

    Great service

    Fast delivery

Tom Wheatley

Originally asked about another product, but same ? applies here also. Is asulox safe to use on my St. Augustine lawn ?? Thank you

   Answers (1)

Yes, Asolux is safe for use on S.t Augustine grass.

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