AMDRO Ant Killing Baits (Indoor/Outdoor) "Kills Ants" - 8 Stations

Central Garden & Pest

 AMDRO Ant Killing Baits (Indoor/Outdoor) "Kills Ants"


This Product Kills:

  • Ants


These convenient, low-profile bait stations lure scout ants, who then carry the active ingredient back to the colony. Once this happens, the colony stops reproducing and begins to die. Begin your attack by placing the traps in cabinets, behind appliances, or outside. Always place ant stations in areas inaccessible to children, pets, and other nontarget animals. 

  • Kills argentine, black carpenter, cornfield, little black, odorous house, and pavement ants
  • Does not kill fire ants.

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Category: Amdro, Ant Bait

Type: Ant Bait

Brand: Central Garden & Pest

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