Aloft GC Granular Insecticide - 40 Lbs.

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Aloft GC Granular Insecticide

Aloft GC G is a broad-spectrum, long-lasting contact and systemic insecticide for control of insects infesting turfgrass, sod, and ornamentals in landscapes and surrounding areas. Aloft GC G can be used around residences, business complexes, industrial complexes, airports, playgrounds, school yards, parks and recreation areas, athletic fields, golf courses, cemeteries, arboretums and non-production greenhouses. Aloft GC G can also be used on commercial sod farms.

Usage: 80-160 lbs./acre/year (1.8-3.6 lbs./1000 sq. ft.); rate depends on target pests, stage of development, and desired level of control.

Active Ingredients:

Clothianidin - 0.25%
Bifenthrin - 0.125%

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