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WGF Sorghum Seed - Hybrid

Wild game food sorghum is an early maturing sorghum reaching mid-bloom at about 40-50 days after emergence. It is bird-resistant which keeps migrating flocks of blackbirds from stripping it in late summer. A mature plant will be 26-30" tall with seed becoming marginally palatable at maturity.

As it stands in the weather, it loses tannic acid and becomes more and more palatable through the fall. This sorghum makes excellent seed for all game birds, including quail, turkey, pheasants, doves and ducks. Deer will also feed heavily on the grain in fall and winter.

  • Early maturing
  • Excellent for spring & summer food plots
  • Excellent seed for game birds

Planting Date: April - July
Rate: 5 lbs./acre Drilled in 30" rows; 15 lbs./acre broadcast; 1/2 lb./1000 sq. ft.
Depth: 1/2"

Best for: Deer, Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant, Rabbit and Quail

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  • j
    john sobek J. S. john s.

    Good product

    Hopefully it germinates next spring

  • W
    Wayne Scheurer W. S. Wayne S.


    So far so good; we will see how they germinate.

  • T


    Good product and quick shipping.

  • M
    Mark Holbrook M. H. Mark H.

    Simply Awesome!

    Milo (sorghum) is hard to come by in SC. And it’s one of the few crops you can plant for doves that the deer won’t destroy. And my order arrived ahead of schedule, Now for the awesome part. I had sprouts above ground within 5 days of planting!

  • M
    Michael Clague M. C. Michael C.

    Great Place to buy seeds

    Service was excellent. I plan on buying from Seed World!!

  • E
    Ernie Tebeau E. T. Ernie T.

    Excellent Service!

    Very happy with the ordering process, shipping was detailed and accurate. Package arrived as scheduled and the box wasn’t even dented. Can’t wait to get it planted! Very happy so far.

  • D
    Dustin Ireland D. I. Dustin I.

    Sorghum seed

    Well packaged an was delivered on time. After some good rain we already have sprouts!

  • J
    Jeffrey Kuntz J. K. Jeffrey K.

    Seed grain sorghum

    Seed looked great will see

  • J
    Jeffrey Kuntz J. K. Jeffrey K.

    Seed grain sorghum

    Seed looked great will see

  • T
    Terry Thornton T. T. Terry T.


    As ordered

  • A
    Alan Butzbach A. B. Alan B.

    Good seed

    Quick easy and great price

  • P
    Peter Klick P. K. Peter K.


    I was beginning to wonder if FedX was ever going to deliver. The scheduled deliver date the package was in Brainerd, MN, but didn't get delivered because of weather issues. They must not deliver if the suns not shinning. Finally got it 3 days later. For what the shipping cost you would think one could expect service.

  • B
    Brad Solomon B. S. Brad S.

    Great germination

    Like I said great germination!

  • R
    Robin Miller R. M. Robin M.


    Since nothing has sprouted yet, asking for a review at this time is a bit premature.

  • M
    Mike Wilson M. W. Mike W.

    Hard to find seeds

    Found the seeds when no one had them in stock


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