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Defiance Sorghum Sudangrass Seed (Aphid Tolerant)

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Defiance (Aphid Tolerant) Sorghum

Typical 3-way sorghum Sudangrass hybrid with added resistant to Sugarcane aphid.   Sugarcane aphid pest has infested sorghum in South and East Texas, southern Oklahoma, eastern Mississippi, northeastern Mexico, and central, northeast, and southwest Louisiana. In 2013, large populations of sugarcane aphids (Melanaphis saccharin) developed on sorghum plants. They produced large amounts of honeydew, which choked combines and caused lost grain in northeast Texas and Louisiana. Growers lost up to 50 percent of grain sorghum yield in infested fields during 2013.  In sorghum-sudangrass, this pest becomes a problem in the summer months during attempts to cut and bale the forage.

Defiance is a sweet sorgo Sudan hybrid that produces plants with fine stems and large leaves.  Cattle usage includes grazing, hay, or green chop.  

Key Strengths

  • The best SCA tolerance on the market to date
  • Season-long SCA tolerance 
  • Male sterile for higher feed quality and great green manure
  • Excellent leaf to stem ratio
  • For grazing, haying, green chop, haylage 
  • Fast recovery after grazing or cutting 
  • Drought tolerant 
  • Excellent foliar disease resistance

Agronomic Traits

Seed Color Red/Bronze
Seeds/lb.  19-20k seed/lb.
Seedling Vigor Excellent
Height (at heading) 8-10 feet
BMR Type Non-BMR (Conventional)
Photoperiod Sensitivity Nonsensitive







Planting Rate




Drilled 80-100lbs

Rows 25-40lbs

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