Avid 0.15 EC Miticide Insecticide - 1 Qt.


Avid 0.15 Miticide Insecticide

Unsurpassed protection against mites and leafminers

Mode of action:

Stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter GABA, causing blockage of nerve impulses in insects and mites, and the pest is paralysed irreversibly within hours

Main crops:

Ornamentals - Cut flower and pot plants, Field & Container Grown Nurseries, Tree Care & Shrub Care, Turf

Main customer benefits: 

  • Superior control of mites and Liriomyza leafminers
  • Compatable with beneficial arthropods and Integrated Pest Management Programs
  • The liquid formulation is odourless, becomes rainfast within hours of application and leaves no unsightly residues on the foliage
  • Avid can be tank-mixed with many other products
  • A liquid formulation for easy application with standard equipment and broad plant safety

Product stewardship:

Use an Integrated Resistance Management approach to controling leafminers. Make no more than 3 applications of Avid at 7-day intervals, and then switch to Citation as an alternative control for the same interval Following the use of Citation, Avid may again be applied at 7-day intervals, if necessary. Do not make more than a total of 6 applications of Avid to any one crop.The rotation between these two product with different modes of actions should be based on the generation time of Liriomyza species to avoid spraying Avid to successive generations.

Rate of use: 4-8 fl. oz. per 100 gallons, depending on pest species to be controlled 

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