Arena 0.25g Granular Insecticide - 30 Lbs.


Arena 0.25G Granular Insecticide

Arena 0.25 G Insecticide is a broad spectrum insecticide, for control of listed insects infesting turfgrass, sod farms, landscape ornamentals, interior plantscapes and non-bearing fruit trees (including apple and pear) and nut trees (in landscapes). When applied as directed, Arena 0.25 G Insecticide provides excellent and long residual control of tough soil- and surface-feeding insects including European and Northern masked chafer, Japanese beetle and other white grubs plus annual bluegrass weevil, crane fly larvae, nuisance ants, billbugs and Southern chinch bugs.

Arena 0.25 G Insecticide can be applied to turf at 80 to 160 lbs per acre. The rate is dependent on the target pest(s), their stage of development and the desired of control. Multiple applications can be made but do not exceed the maximum amount per year (160 lbs/A).

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    • D
      Dianelys Milo D. M. Dianelys M.


      Today is the ninth day and I have yet to receive the package.

    • R
      Ray D'Alonzo R. D. Ray D.


      My order was filled promptly. I have found Arena to be the most effective grub prevention product available.

    • J
      James Petty Sr J. P. S. James P. S.

      Great product

      Solve the problem of insects in the lawn

    • T
      Tim Nance T. N. Tim N.

      Good Product


    • Arena Granular Insecticide
      Michael Czerniak M. C. Michael C.

      Arena Granular Insecticide

      My order arrived in Wisconsin with exceptional speed and well packed. I was able to apply it during our drought conditions shortly before a nice soaker rain. The third and fourth bags of 30# I applied at daylight in the rain to capitalize on the nice soaker which eliminated the need for watering small sections at a time. We have a very severe June grub infestation that destroyed much of our lawn and invited racoons who made the lawn look like it was freshly tilled. We await the results later this summer to confirm the success of the applied Arena!

    • A
      Ang Lewis A. L. Ang L.


      Very easy to order, quick delivery and good pricing. Thank you!

    • C
      Christopher Conley C. C. Christopher C.


      Exactly what I expected, thank you

    • T
      TOM BAKER T. B. TOM B.

      Seed World Review

      I love the speedy delivery.

    • a
      albert grammatico A. G. albert g.

      Grubs be gone

      This is a great effective product to rid your lawn of grubs. Be sure to watch the Manufacturers video thoroughly explaining this product and application times>

    • C
      Clifford Krukemeier C. K. Clifford K.


      Have used this for 6 years, great product especially for Florida lawns and chinch bugs

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