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Sunn Hemp Seed - 1 Lb.

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Sunn Hemp Seed 

Sunn Hemp Seed is fast-growing, warm-season legume which produces significant amount of biomass and fixes nitrogen. The leaves of sunn hemp are 30% protein. Goats and deer thrive on this crop.
  • Planting Time: at least 8 weeks before first frost
  • Planting Rate: 25 lbs/ acre
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4 to ½ inch

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  • L
    Lavinia Cain L. C. Lavinia C.

    Sunn Hemp galore!

    It's "winter" now in Florida and I scattered Sunn Hemp seeds on my veggie beds before the forecasted rain came. The seeds germinated in 7 days. Excellent seeds.

  • JACK B.
    JACK B. J. B. JACK B.

    very good

    It's still cold here (6 MORE WEEKS) I would like info on planting these seed in pots, can you send some to me.? and making oil for pain. I'm 80.

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