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Appin Turnip Seed 

 Appin Turnips are an annual crop with high digestibility and a greater proportion of leaf yield when compared to other varieties. After the leaves are consumed, the bulbs can also be eaten by livestock. This variety is club-root tolerant and has good frost resistance. 

Planting information: plant in early to mid-summer for extended grazing, or in spring for summer grazing, at a rate of 1-3 Lbs. per acre and a depth of 1/4-1/2 inch.


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  • Verified buyer
    Jo Marie Carroll J. M. C. Jo M. C.

    Turnip seed.

    Seed looks fine. We’ll be planting in November for spring growth.

  • Verified buyer
    Jeanette Shires J. S. Jeanette S.


    Prompt delivery, seed looks fresh and clean, planting next week. Will update review after germination

  • Verified buyer
    Harold Stokes H. S. Harold S.

    Quality seed

    I mixed the Turnip seed with four other seed and replanted my food plot. The wildlife on my hunting lease had totally destroyed my first planting. So I decided to give them a second chance. So far I have gotten a great stand. Hope it keeps on growing.

  • Robert M. R. M. Robert M.

    Look good

    Seed germinate quickly, came up in 5 days. So far so good.

  • Verified buyer
    Matthew Davidson M. D. Matthew D.

    Great service

    Great service. Will buy from these guys again

  • Verified buyer
    Scott Clontz S. C. Scott C.

    Appin Turnip

    Received quickly. Packaged well.

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