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Moxie Teff Grass Seed

Barenbrug USA

Moxie Yellow Jacket Coated Teff Grass

Teff is a fast-growing crop that produces a high yield with excellent forage quality. It is a self-pollinated, warm-season annual grass, featuring drought tolerance and low nutrient requirements. Teff can be harvested multiple times during the growing season as hay, silage, or pasture.

Moxie Teff is an improved variety, featuring the best genetics as well as Barenbrug's environmentally friendly Yellow Jacket seed coating, which provides the following benefits:

  • Improves establishment under adverse conditions
  • Increases fungicide and pesticide effectiveness
  • Better seed flow when planting
  • Better use of available water
  • Increased yield

Planting information: plant at a rate of 8-10 pounds per acre, 1/8"-1/4" deep, in soil at least 65 degrees F. A very firm seedbed and good seed-to-soil contact is important.

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  • J
    James Short J. S. James S.


    Seed was wet on arrival. Most likely a shipping problem. Had to spread immediately because it was saturated.

  • J
    Julian Council J. C. Julian C.

    Moxie Teff Grass Seed

    The seed arrived on time, the shipping box was in bad shape. Still the seed was intact. Now I’m waiting for the right conditions to plant.

  • J
    Javier Pena J. P. Javier P.

    Moxie Teff test plots

    The results of my test plots are generally very good. I was impressed with the germination. As early as 4 days and mostly 5 days. Since I planted the test plots, I have found out that Teff is an Annual grass . Which prompts several questions. 1. Does it self re seed? Do you have to seed every year? 2. My test plots have a tassel seed head. 3. What happened to the grain it's suppose to produce. I was under the impression that Teff originated in Ethopia and it provided a small grain crop. Where is the grain?

  • J
    Joe Summerville J. S. Joe S.


    So far so good.. Wii seed last till spring??

  • B
    Bryan Taylor B. T. Bryan T.

    Torn bags

    Excellent quality seed from a 50lb bag was busted open along with two of the smaller bags and cardboard box was torn on corner seed loss not determined most likely damaged in shipping.

  • K
    Kelli C. K. C. Kelli C.

    Very Pleased with this grass

    I used 10# of Moxie Teff to overseed my 1 acre pasture plus 2 large paddocks. Both had significant bare spots due to last years drought. Right after I seeded, we were blessed with quite a bit of rain in the Panhandle of Texas. The Teff seed took off! I have had the best grass on my place in years. I am very happy with the performance of the Teff, it was a perfect addition for my Bermuda and Buffalo mixed pasture. I will be planning to seed with the Moxie Teff each year as a supplement to my pasture grasses. This was well worth it. The seed did incredibly well and I didn't put in a whole lot of work other than lightly harrow after I seeded. Once it got rain, it went crazy. Very pleased.


Can this be planted in the fall to grow the following spring?

   Answers (1)

This seed does best when planted in 65°F+ soil temperatures. Planting this seed too early could possibly hurt the seeds.

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