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Buffalo Grass

Buchloe dactyloides (Variety: Texoca)

Buffalo grass is a warm season, fine-textured perennial grass native to the Great Plains region of North America. The "Texoca" variety was developed from Buffalo grass in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. It grows 4-8 inches high and forms a thick sod, keeping weeds out. Buffalo grass is a low-maintenance grass, requiring little watering or fertilizing and no mowing. It can be used for lawns, forage, and erosion control. Buffalo grass withstands heavy grazing, spreads quickly, and can survive in a wide range of conditions.

Planting information: plant at a rate of 3 lbs. per 1000 square feet (or 12-15 lbs. per acre), 1/4-1/2 inch deep, in April-May.

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  • B
    Barbara Stone B. S. Barbara S.

    Arrived and seeds look great. I look forward to seeing them grow

    Good condition on arrival

  • J
    John Harasemovech J. H. John H.

    buffalo seed

    srarted germanation procedure,no luck so far

  • J

    Good...Bad, and Ugly

    Seed was shipped in a timely manner. Bag had a hole in it and a fair amount of the seeds were lost which resulted in paying for a pound but actually getting less.

  • W
    Wylie Malone W. M. Wylie M.

    Where is it? USPS got it and it’s been sitting there.

    Buffalo Grass Seed (Primed)

  • D
    Debbie Korbach D. K. Debbie K.

    Buffalo seed

    Speedy delivery, packaged extremely well, put it down today! Would highly recommend.

  • M
    Michelle Stright-Foto M. S. Michelle S.

    Everything looks fine

    We got the seeds and they look fine to us. Haven't planted them just yet but will soon.

  • D
    Domingo Garcia D. G. Domingo G.

    Buffalo Grass Seed

    You service was spectacular. Everything that I wish for it to be. It was delivered In a timely manner. Very satisfied. Will use this company again.

  • C
    Cathy Farnum C. F. Cathy F.

    Good quality

    I planted this one month ago. I’d say at least 80% of the seeds sprouted. This grass is very fine, and quite thin. I just spread another layer over the same area to increase density. Hoping they take just as well.

  • W
    William Reid W. R. William R.

    Got it on time

    Buffalo Grass Seed (Primed)

  • J
    Jae Leist J. L. Jae L.

    Buffalo Grass

    I was disappointed that germination rate was so low.

  • K
    Kurt Guseman K. G. Kurt G.

    thank u

    now, if it will only grow. lol

  • K
    Karl Lickteig K. L. Karl L.

    Great product and quick

    Buffalo Grass Seed (Primed)

  • A
    Ann L Zalucki A. L. Z. Ann L. Z.

    Quick delivery!

    The seed came quickly and were packed so well to protect the product. Thank you

  • L
    Lance Stegman L. S. Lance S.



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