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Nursery Mix 18-5-12 Osmocote 5-6 Month Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.


Nursery Mix 18-5-12 Fertilizer with Osmocote

5-6 Month Longevity

Everris Nursery Mix 18-5-12 fertilizer contains Osmokote N-P-K blended with micronutrients and other fertilizer technologies to deliver nutrition consistently within specified longevities--this formulation is designed to last 5-6 months in 70 degree F soil. This product features uncoated Quickstart nutrients for an immediately available starter charge which is especially useful for green-up applications or to offset the nitrogen draw of green bark.

  • For use on nursery stock, foliage, and landscapes
  • Can be incorporated or surface applied
  Rate of use: 4.5-11 lbs./cubic yard (incorporation); 11-22 lbs./1000 sq. ft. (landscape)   Guaranteed analysis: 18% Total Nitrogen (9.5% ammoniacal, 8.5% nitrate) 5% Available Phosphate 12% Soluble Potash 0.7% Magnesium (0.35% water soluble) 5% Sulfur (5% combined) 0.5% Iron (0.0006% water soluble) 0.1% Manganese (0.07% water soluble) 0.06% Zinc (0.0006% water soluble)
For professional use only.

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