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Osmocote Plus 8-9 Month 15-9-12 Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.


Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 Lo-Start Fertilizer 

8-9 Month Longevity

Osmocote Plus 15-9-12 Fertilizer is recommended for use in greenhouse, nursery and foliage production, container gardens, interiorscapes, and landscapes. 3rd Generation homogeneous Osmocote Plus contains N-P-K plus micronutrients in each prill. Everris Patterned Nutrient Release Technology meets specific feeding cycles with unmatched consistency, efficiency, and safety. This formulation is designed to release nutrients for 8-9 months in 70 degree F soil.
Lo-Start products deliver an extra boost of nutrition later in the growth cycle and are recommended for fall canning when more fertilizer release is desired in the spring; long-term propagation; bare root plants shifted to container production; summer or fall feeders.

Rate of use: 8.5-18 lbs./cubic yard (incorporation); 13-33 lbs./1000 sq. ft. (landscape)   Guaranteed analysis: 15% Total Nitrogen (8.4% ammoniacal, 6.6% nitrate) 9% Available Phosphate 12% Soluble Potash 1.3% Magnesium (0.9% water soluble) 6% Sulfur (6% combined) 0.02% Boron 0.05% Copper (0.05% water soluble) 0.46% Iron (0.09% water soluble, 0.01% chelated) 0.06% Manganese (0.06% water soluble) 0.02% Molybdenum 0.05% Zinc (0.019% water soluble)
For professional use only.

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  • J
    Jean Niedosik J. N. Jean N.

    Blueberry fertilizer

    I use it every year on my blueberries

  • G
    Gene T Glessner G. T. G. Gene T. G.


    Been using asthma, Coke for years works great

  • B
    Bernadette Sundy B. S. Bernadette S.


    We purchased the Osmocote Plus 8-9 Month 15-9-12 fertilizer 50 lbs. and this fertilizer is GREAT for our fruit trees. Also, we have experienced EXCELLENT customer service with SeedWorld. Our fertilizer arrived 2 days after we ordered the merchandise. EXCELLENT!!! :) THANK YOU very much!!! :)

  • J
    Jon Woo J. W. Jon W.

    Osmocote Plus 8-9 Month 15-9-12 Fertilizer

    Shipping is very fast , and Excellent Customer service ..

  • T
    Timothy Rhodes T. R. Timothy R.

    Osmocote shipping

    Thank you for being prompt and following up.

  • P
    Preston Phillips P. P. Preston P.

    replied with feeedback twice.

    Osmocote Plus 8-9 Month 15-9-12 Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

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