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Monument 75WG Herbicide - 5 x 5 gram packets


Monument 75WG is the premier warm-season turfgrass herbicide for residential lawns, commercial turf, sports fields, golf courses and sod farms. Post-emergent broadcast or spot treatments can control all major sedges along with 40 other weed/grass types including dandelion, crabgrass (suppression), nutsedge, clover and spurge. Designed for uptake in both shoots and roots, Monument 75WG is effective after one application in most cases. The 5-gram packets of Monument 75WG are an excellent tank mix partner with other herbicides for broadcast applications: it can be mixed with Barricade herbicide for spring cleanup and pre-emergent residual, and it can be mixed with Princep Liquid herbicide in late September to remove remaining summer weeds.

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