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NuFarm SureGuard SC Herbicide


Residual Control that Lasts – Now in a Convenient Liquid Formula

  • New from Nufarm, liquid SureGuard SC provides an exceptional value that allows you to offer more and make more – a perfect solution for your customers. SureGuard SC delivers the same long lasting residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds that you’ve come to expect from SureGuard in a new convenient liquid formulation. Also, SureGuard SC enhances the speed and spectrum of glyphosate when used as a tank mix partner, even on glyphosate resistant weeds.

  • Approved for aquatic and bare ground.
  • Longest residual pre-emergent control
  • Convenient easy to mix and apply patent pending liquid formulation
  • Broad spectrum including tough-to-control weeds
  • Fast and effective knockdown when tank mixed with glyphosate, even on glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • Non-staining, spray formulation
  • No yellow color, odor, or concerns with off-target movement and volatility
  • One product for weed control in landscapes, bare ground, cracks and crevices, and dormant Bermudagrass

Application of SureGuard® SC in the vicinity of ornamental plants is limited to directed sprays around well established woody shrubs and conifer and deciduous trees listed in the product label. SureGuard SC may also be applied to maintain bare ground in non-crop areas as listed
in the product label. Do not apply this product within any enclosed structure in residential or commercial properties.

Pre-emergence Weed Control: Mix 0.21 - 0.42 fluid ounces of this product per gallon of spray solution and apply 1 gallon of spray solution to 500 - 1,000 square feet prior to weed germination. Apply to weed free soil, mulch or gravel surfaces. Moisture is necessary to activate this product on soil for residual weed control.

Post-emergence Weed Control: Mix 0.21 - 0.42 fluid ounces of this product per gallon and apply 1 gallon of spray solution to 500 - 1,000 square feet to actively growing weeds. Tank mixing this product with glyphosate will increase the spectrum of post-emergent weed control and provide faster post-emergent weed control than glyphosate alone.

Established landscape ornamentals have shown tolerance to applications of this product only when applied to the soil at the base of the plant and sprays do not directly contact or drift onto desirable plants. For maximum plant safety when using around desirable ornamentals, direct applications of this product (or this product plus glyphosate) toward the soil and leave a
sufficient non-treated buffer to ensure spray solution does not contact desired plants.

DORMANT BERMUDAGRASS (Only for use in certain states, see product label)

SureGuard SC may be applied as a single or split application to well established dormant Bermudagrass. It will provide pre-emergence and early post-emergence control of annual bluegrass, chickweed, henbit and other winter annual weeds listed in the product label and pre-emergence control of crabgrass, goose grass and other summer annual weeds listed in the product label. Application of this product to actively growing turfgrass or during green-up may cause unacceptable injury.

Broadcast Application: Apply 8 - 12 fluid ounces of this product per broadcast acre as a pre-emergence application. If weeds are present at the time of application apply this product plus an adjuvant (0.25% v/v non-ionic surfactant). Make post-emergence applications when weeds are actively growing and no larger than 2” in height. Thorough spray coverage is necessary to maximize the post-emergence activity. When applied after weed germination, this product will provide pre-emergence and post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds and grasses listed in the product label. Post-emergence weed control may be more effective on certain weed species, and may not control mature, stressed or hardened off weeds that are not actively growing at the time of application.

Spot Treatment: Mix 0.42 fluid ounces per gallon of this product and 2 teaspoons (1/3 fluid ounces) of non-ionic surfactant in 1 gallon of water and apply 1 gallon of spray solution per 1,000 square feet. Occasionally shake the spray solution while spraying to ensure the spray solution remains well mixed. Spray the target weeds until the leaves are wet.

See label for complete use directions.

DO NOT apply to golf course putting greens.

DO NOT apply to warm-season turfgrass that has been over seeded with cool-season turfgrass.

DO NOT irrigate within 1 hour before/after application or apply if rain is expected within 1 hour.

DO NOT apply more than 2 applications at 12 fl. oz./Acre or 3 applications at 8 fl. oz./year.

DO NOT apply in fall before turfgrass has ceased active growth or in late winter/early spring after turfgrass has resumed active growth.

DO NOT re-apply this product within 30 days. Allow 8 weeks between application and seeding or sodding of turfgrass.


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