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FreeHand 1.75G Pre-Emergent Herbicide - 50 Lbs.


FreeHand 1.75G Herbicide



  • Combines two active ingredients for a broader range of control
  • Delivers excellent residual control in container medium, stopping weeds as they germinate
  • Offers a wide range of plant species tolerance and use sites
  • Provides exceptional rate flexibility
  FreeHand 1.75G herbicide is labeled for use in landscape ornamentals in maintained areas (residential and commercial) and general grounds maintenance in specified noncrop areas, container, liner and field commercial nurseries, and Christmas trees and other forest tree nurseries.   Rate of application: 2.3-4.6 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. when used across a wide number of weed species, including crabgrass, foxtail, spurge, and yellow nutsedge (see label for full list and application instructions)
Active ingredients:
1% Pendimethalin
0.75% Dimethenamid-P

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Type: Herbicide

Brand: BASF

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