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Bermuda grass is a warm season grass with exceptional heat and drought tolerance. This fine-bladed grass has a vigorous growth rate and is resilient to heavy foot traffic.

Full Sun

Medium Maintenance

1"-2" Mow Height

  • Requires a minimum of 6-hour-8-hours of sunlight per day
  • Easy to install for repair or improvement of your existing lawn, SodPods are also used for planting new lawns
  • Bermuda is a resilient grass designed for active outdoor living
  • Bermuda reaches deep into the soil to provide a dense, thick carpet that blankets your lawn while withstanding daily wear and tear
  • Natural and shipped fresh from the farm, each pod has been carefully nurtured to have a fully developed root system, just like your lawn
  • Established roots mean less water and maximum success
  • Endless possibilities – SodPods are perfectly rooted for creating something new
  • Great for the environment, SodPods generate oxygen and provide a safe play area for your loved ones
  • SodPods comes from a family owned and operated farm


    1 tray covers 50 sq. ft.

    10 trays cover 500 sq.ft.

    20 trays cover 1000 sq.ft.

    Plugs should be between 6 - 12 inches apart and take 3 - 4 months under ideal conditions for full coverage to be attained.

    Each tray contains 16 plugs.

    Due to lengthy delivery times and restrictions, we do not ship plugs to Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Nevada, or Utah.

    Shipment of plugs is cut off by Wednesday during the week unless in Florida.
    *UPS and USPS do not deliver on weekends.



    Bermuda performs best in full sun but is more tolerable to shade than other varieties.


    Obtain a stunning look comparable to your favorite fairways and sports fields at a low mowing height, .5"-1.5".


    Water thoroughly immediately after planting. Keeping the soil moist is the key to Sod Pod success, we recommend at least 6" to 8" deep. Continue watering every day for 10-20 days until the pods are rooted. Once runners appear, decrease watering to one inch, twice per week. Adjust watering with rainfall amount.


    • Fungicide: Apply if needed. You may benefit from it if the Bermuda is in the shade or has had trouble with disease in the past. First application should be 24 - 48 hours after first watering.
    • Insecticide: Apply if needed, follow label directions. Treat with broad spectrum insecticide if needed.
    • Preemergent Herbicide: Stop weeds from popping up by applying a preemergent herbicide. Follow label directions and wear proper protection equipment. Create a consistent blanket application.
    • Fertilize: Give your Sod Pods a boost with fertilizer, follow label directions.

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    • Stephanie Kitchens
      Verified buyer
      5 star rating Stephanie Kitchens S. K. Stephanie K.

      Another Successful Order of Sod Pods

      This is the second year I have ordered sod pods to fill in empty spots in my yard. The pods were in very good shape when they arrived. The packaging was sturdy and had ventilation and adequate moiisture. Once in the sun and watered, they recovered. None of the pods have failef.

    Frank J Carney

    What variety of Bermuda are the plugs? Looking for Tifway 419.

       Answers (1)

    The Bermuda plugs that we offer currently are called Bimini Bermuda.

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