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Scotts Lawn Starter 24-25-4 Fertilizer - 15 Lbs.


Scotts Turf Lawn Starter Granular Fertilizer 

Grows new grass thicker and quicker vs. unfed. Can be applied to newly seeded areas or over the entire lawn for root development boost. Can be used when planting seed, sod, sprigs, or plugs. Grows new grass 70% thicker, 35% quicker versus unfed. Safe for all grass types. After planting new grass, water at least twice a day until it has been mowed 1 - 2 times. If you've seeded bare spots or a whole lawn, wait to mow the area until the new grass is at least 3 inches tall. If you've seeded over your existing lawn, you can mow as needed, but try to cut back the frequency to limit traffic on the new seedlings.

Covers 5,000 sq. ft.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Nitrogen - 24% 
    • Ammoniacal Nitrogen - 5.4%
    • Urea Nitrogen - 10.3%
    • Other Water Soluble Nitrogen - 7.7%
    • Water Insoluble Nitrogen - 0.6%
  • Available Phosphate - 25%
  • Soluble Potash - 4%

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  • Verified buyer
    4 star rating Jeff Williams J. W. Jeff W.

    Fertilizer order

    Good product. Good delivery. Box was a little beat up. But damage.

  • 5 star rating Christian D. C. D. Christian D.

    Its giving the backyard the

    Its giving the backyard the boost it needed

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