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Triple Superphosphate Fertilizer 0-46-0 - 50 Lbs.


Triple Super Phosphate 0-46-0 Fertilizer

Good for vegetables, fruit trees, bulbs, flowers and shrubs. Phosphorus increases rooting, blooming, stem strength, and flower formation. Not for spraying; spread over area and water in thoroughly, or incorporate into planting bed.

Rate of use: 

  • At planting: Use 5 lbs. per 200 square feet
  • Vegetables: 1 lb. per 50 foot of row
  • Roses or large shrubs: 1/4 cup per plant
  • Fruit Trees: 1 cup per inch of trunk diameter
  • Top dress: 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 20 square feet

Contains 46% Available Phosphorus (P2O5).


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  • D
    David Fletcher D. F. David F.

    Delivered on time.

    delivered on time. Have not used yet.

  • c
    cuneyt terzi C. T. cuneyt t.

    Excellent service

    the service and shipping was excellent.

  • B
    Buckley Terpenning B. T. Buckley T.

    Well...a good product but a little convoluted getting it

    They have an excellent price for their 50# bag of pelletized superphosphate, better than any other online vendor. Problem is, they are so disorganized. For example this solicited review starts out with a message to me: "22 days ago we shipped your oreder of...". Wrong. 22 days ago i ordered the bag, the shipping label was printed and i was billed. 16 days ago the order had not shipped so i sent an email inquiry. No answer so I sent another email 14 days ago. Then I had my CC company cancel the charges. 10 days ago I heard from customer service, so, 9 days ago I reordered the bag. 4 days ago I received it in good condition. It is difficult to know who we are dealing with. As best as I can figure out, I ordered from seedworldusa, which has a positive profile on Florida BBB. The unresponsive and then responsive customer service seems to come from Seed Ranch LLC, which has a problematic profile on the Florida BBB. I think they sell items that are out of stock and then expect you to wait. That would be acceptible if they had a reassuring email response, but they didn't, in my case. Overall, though, excellent price for their superphosphate.

  • 0-46-0
    Antoni Kijek A. K. Antoni K.


    Dont delivred me this fitlazer!!!

  • Haven't received all items yet
    Coleman Yeager C. Y. Coleman Y.

    Haven't received all items yet

    I'm not sure.. haven't received it yet. I did receive the 50lb bag of Urea & the 50lb bag of potash, but not the phosphorus

  • A
    Alan Voegele A. V. Alan V.

    Great product!

    Not many places to buy bulk fertilizer for the big garden/ homesteader. Great cost effective way to fertilize my 2500sf garden and 5000sf corn and pumpkin patch

  • A
    Andris Zvirgzdins A. Z. Andris Z.

    P and k fertilizer

    Well packaged and as ordered. Looks good.

  • r
    robert kiser R. K. robert k.

    No Issues

    Good price and fast shipping. Would buy from these folks again.

  • J
    John Michaels J. M. John M.

    Seed World

    Received my shipment when they said I would. I will be ordering my product from this company in the future.

  • W
    Willis Middlebrooks W. M. Willis M.

    Super phosphate

    Arrived on time and packaged very well.

  • Great for soil correction!
    Kevin Buickerood K. B. Kevin B.

    Great for soil correction!

    I put down this product two years in a row now to help correct the lack of (P) in my NPK balance. I appreciate SeedWorld and their fair prices plus shipping.

  • R
    Robert Clarke R. C. Robert C.

    Good service

    Came in good time and intact….good service.

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