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Yukon Bermuda Grass Seeds


Yukon has expanded the bermudagrass planting zone - it is the turfgrass professional’s top choice for projects from the Equator through the transition zones of the world. In trials, it has shown excellent turf quality and winter hardiness at both 0.5 inch and 1.5 inch mowing heights. Yukon can be seeded on new projects, as well as interseeded into existing turf of similar quality. With highest ratings for turfgrass quality, color, density and texture, Yukon Bermudagrass is the best choice for turf managers, wherever bermudagrass is grown. Additionally, with its excellent winter survival and cold tolerance, Yukon becomes a stand-alone choice for transition zone plantings. Yukon blends well with other turf-type bermudagrasses and is an excellent choice for golf course tees and fairways, sports turf, parks and landscapes.


  • High cold tolerance and superb winter hardiness
  • Uses up to 25% less water than other Bermudagrass varieties
  • Excellent spring Dead Spot resistance
  • Early spring green-up
  • Short internodes for higher density
  • Superior salt tolerance
  • Outstanding drought tolerance
  • High stolon density
  • Uniform dark green color
  • Reduced vertical growth
  • Increased fall color retention


  • Germination: 7–10 days
  • First mowing: Approximately 21 days, depending on usage
  • Full coverage: 30 days
  • First limited use: 60–90 days

Seeding Rates

Seeds/lb: 1–2 million
Seeds/kg: 2.2–4.4 million

New Turf:
  • 2–3 lbs/1,000 sq ft
  • 10–14 gr/m2
  • 90–125 lbs/acre
Repair of existing turf:
  • 0.5–1.5 lbs/1,000 sq ft
  • 3–8 gr/m2

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    • j
      jevaunne simpson J. S. jevaunne s.

      Shipping was fast

      I received the item fast but I haven’t planted as yet so as per germination I cannot say yet but I’m confident enough that it will be successful for I’ve done my research and this seed is one of the Best .. I’ll have a follow up review as soon as I sew the seeds

    • F
      Francisco Valdes F. V. Francisco V.

      Damaged pack

      The bag that contained the seeds in the box was torn. The seeds were contained by the box. They should be ok, but packing must be addressed .

    • s
      steve ogrysko S. O. steve o.


      Hello What are the recommended instructions on how to plant the Yukon seed. Thanks Steve

    • d
      dan mabry D. M. dan m.


      Fast service.

    • R
      Robby Smith R. S. Robby S.

      Yukon Bermuda seed

      Shipping of seed was on time and packaged great. I have sowed seed last Friday evening and now it’s been a week. I have watered like suppose to but no germination yet. I know it takes a bit for Bermuda seed so hopefully next couple of days I see something.

    • B
      Brian Koch B. K. Brian K.

      Order 1 - 3 Months Review

      My first order is highly rated. Seed germination was very good after daily waterings for almost 2 months...... All seeded areas look great.

    • R
      Rusty Norris R. N. Rusty N.

      Grass seed

      Received promptly. Thank you!

    • T
      Tina Lawson T. L. Tina L.

      Yukon Bermuda seed


    • A
      Andrew Ayala A. A. Andrew A.

      Quick shipping

      Fast shipping but I’ve been waiting like 8 months and some other seed that’s still on back order

    • A
      Andrew Ayala A. A. Andrew A.

      Quick shipping

      Fast shipping but I’ve been waiting like 8 months and some other seed that’s still on back order

    • S
      Steve S. Steve

      Works well if you can get it started

      I originally tried Yukon for a southwestern Missouri site with poor soil and poor turf during August / September drought. Only a little of the first planting grew, but where it took hold, the Yukon is a very nice bermuda grass, dark green, short, and fine. We did a second planting with more care, but none of it took hold. Then I carefully planted some in greenhouse trays and raised it with considerable care. It is very slow to gain size. I set it out as plugs in a portion of my sandy yard in Michigan (zone 5) where august burn-out is a problem. Some of it took hold, and works well, surviving winter and spreading at a moderate rate, not taking over as bad as the giant northern-acclimated bermuda that also grows here. Wish it was easier to start. It handles heat and drought very well.

    • s
      simone klein S. K. simone k.


      Came when scheduled I might need to order more

    • a
      aaron sandine A. S. aaron s.

      50% filler

      Not sure I'd buy this again. It was 50% filler.

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