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Panhandle Ag Update 1/16/15



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Farm Bill Decision Deadlines for Row Crop Farmers
Every row crop farmer has some decisions to make regarding new programs outlined in the 2014 Farm Bill.  This article provides an overview of the final deadline dates for several key decisions dealing with base acreage, crop insurance, and ARC or PLC commodity coverage for the life of the new Farm Bill.


Choosing the Correct Liming Material
Based upon the recommendations of a soil pH report, this time of year is a good time to apply lime to your soil. Depending on the crop you are planting, recommended liming requirements are intended to adjust the soil pH. Once a liming requirement has been identified, you will need to select a liming material. Choosing the best liming material for your particular crop, however, can be daunting.


Pasture Soil Fertility Essential to Prevent Broomsedge Infestations
Broomsedge bluestem is quite conspicuous this time of year.  Most producers consider it a weedy grass, when it is found in improved pastures.  Efforts to prevent broomsedge bluestem are much more productive than efforts to control it.  The steps to achieving long term control of broomsedge are the same as preventing it; take care of your pastures.


Panhandle Ag e-News 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards
2014 was an even more successful year for Panhandle Ag e-News electronic newsletter project.  There were a total of 266 articles contributed by 36 County Agents and State Specialist authors in 2014. This article highlights the 40 most read articles written this past year.


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