(PRE-ORDER) SeedRanch Zoysia Grass Seed (Ships Jan 2023)

Zoysia Grass Seed 100% Pure

 Zoysia Grass is one of the most luxurious grasses available in seeded, it is highly sorted after for it's unique characteristics. The texture of Zoysia grass is carpet like a feel great to walk on bare feet.

The Zoysia seed must be planted when the ground temperature is 67 degrees or higher. This is a very slow germinating seed and may take between 2-3 months to germinate. 

Botanical Name
Zoysia Japonica
Variety Zenith
Spring or fall
Depth 1/8 to 1/4 inch
Coverage 1 Lb. per 1000 Sq.ft.
Blade Texture Medium
Light Full Sun or Partial Shade
Color Deep Green

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