Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide - 4 x 1.6 Oz. Packets


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Zenith 75 Water Soluble Packets

Zenith 75 WSP provides broad-spectrum foliar and systemic insect control of listed pests in turfgrass (including sod farms), landscape ornamentals, fruit and nut trees, and interior plantscapes.  Each 1.6 Oz. packet can be mixed with 300 gallons of water to treat up to 11,000 sq. ft.; see label for details.

Turf pests:Syngenta

Billbug larvae; European crane flies; hairy chinch bugs; mole crickets; white grubs, including black turfgrass ataenius beetles, European chafers, Japanese beetles, May and June beetles, Northern masked chafers, Oriental beetles, Southern masked chafers

Ornamental pests:

Adelgids, aphids, Asian long-horned beetles, borers, elm leaf beetles, emerald ash borers, hemlock woolly adelgids, Japanese and other leaf-feeding beetles, lace bugs, leafhoppers, leafminers, mealybugs, pine tip moths, royal palm bugs, sawfly larvae, scale insects, thrips (suppression), vine weevils, whiteflies

Active ingredient: Imidacloprid 75% 

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Category: Zenith 75 WSP

Type: Insecticide

Brand: Prokoz

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