Yellow Banana Pepper Seeds - 1 Packet

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Yellow Banana Pepper Seeds

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Sweet fruits grow on pushy plants 16" tall. 5" X 2" long at maturity. 1 1/2" thick walls. Waxy yellow turning to crimson at maturity.

Culture: Sow seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. Grow in full sun and keep soil temperature in the mid-70's. Transplant to garden after soil has warmed.

Harvest: Carefully cut fruit from plants when full size, but before they begin to soften. 

Nutrition: Excellent source of vitamins A & C.

Planting depth: 1/4" (6 mm.)
Seed spacing: 2" (5 cm.)
Spacing between rows: 18"-24" (45-60 cm.)
Days to germination: 14-21
Spacing after thinning: 18"- 24" (45-60 cm.)
Days to maturity: 66-75

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