Weeping Lovegrass Seed (Coated)

Seed Ranch

Weeping Lovegrass (Eragróstis cúrvula)

Seeding Rate: 3 to 5 Lbs. per Acre.

Weeping Lovegrass Info.

 Weeping lovegrass is a long-lived perennial bunchgrass adapted to summer rainfall. In critical rainfall areas occasional prolonged droughts may kill well established stands, but sufficient grazing to prevent excessive transpiration due to excess leaf buildup can lessen the danger of drought loss. Areas with less than 15 inches of annual precipitation would be hazardous for weeping lovegrass. Nevertheless, it is very tolerant of drought and responds rapidly to precipitation after a drought.

This grass is easy to establish by seed.  Seed alone at a rate of 3 to 5 pounds per acre, or 1 to 2 pounds per acre in mixtures with other species.  Seeds will germinate quickly and plant growth is rapid.

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  • M
    Marion McFadden M. M. Marion M.

    Not sure yet

    Received these seeds about a month ago and just planted them today. Finally the temperature is about right and its raining softly today. I'll let you know how they come up.

  • R
    Robert DeMarcus R. D. Robert D.



  • T
    Todd Edgar T. E. Todd E.


    Quick shipping and fair price

  • Perkins . P. P.


    I'll let you know once itt's planted & growing.

  • J
    Joe M. J. M. Joe M.


    Delivered as advertised.

  • S
    Sonya Coleman S. C. Sonya C.

    Weeping lovegrass seed

    We just planted it Friday. It looked good & was very clean, but it will be a while before we see how it does.

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Type: Native Grass

Brand: Seed Ranch

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