Turf Mark Blue Spray Pattern Indicator - 1 Gallon


Turf Mark takes the guesswork out of spraying! It's the proven and professional way to apply liquid pesticides and fertilizers. Universally used by golf course superintendents, grounds maintenance personnel, lawn care companies and sports turf managers, Turf Mark dissipates quickly in either wet or dry weather, making it the ideal temporary spray colorant. Available in both blue and green the distinctive color shows you exactly where you've sprayed, preventing skips and overlaps and helping to pinpoint drift. Turf Mark makes spray applications virtually foolproof. You'll save time and money!

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    Christopher Doherty C. D. Christopher D.

    BASF Turf Mark

    Handle this product with care. If you accidentally spill any of this, you could be dealing with Blue for weeks! It works very well and is the only spray indicator I use.

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Category: Blue Colorant

Type: Adjuvant

Brand: BASF

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