Triangle Bermuda Grass Seed


Triangle Bermuda Grass Seed


Featuring- Certified MOHAWK, SULTAN, and SYDNEY Turf-type Bermuda grasses

The Bermuda Triangle is not a mystery anymore! Three of our best seed varieties have been blended together to provide an excellent turf with wide adaptation. These top performing varieties have improved turf density, color and moderate cold tolerance. For turf that stands up to the demands of today’s turf professionals and the best of the best, seed Bermuda Triangle Blend.


  • Certified Quality
  • Dark Green Color
  • Medium Fine Texture
  • Improved Cold Tolerance
  • Excellent Drought Tolerance
  • Increased Turf Density for Wear and Durability
  • Wide Range of Adaptation due to Genetic Diversity

 Seed Rate 1 Lb. per 500 Sq.ft.

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  • J
    Jason Dooley J. D. Jason D.

    No germination

    After 26 days of careful monitoring and watering, non of the seed germinated

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