TransFilm Anti-Transpirant - 1 Gallon

TransFilm Anti-Transpirant 

TransFilm is an improved anti-transpirant that effectively reduces the water loss of plants. Coating the leaves with a thin film of TransFilm can provide a water-impermeable barrier that reduces the water loss from transpiration. TransFilm will coat the leaf surface with a clear, glossy film that remains durable and stable.
TransFilm is a mixture of polyethylenes and polyterpenes and forms an emulsion with water. TransFilm combines the features of a uniform film coverage on the leaves with the ease of use. Applications of TransFilm can complement sound water management practices and can improve the establishment and survival of plants exposed to extreme or adverse conditions.
Rate of use: For 2.5% concentration: 3 fl. oz. of spray solution per gallon of water. See product label for full details.
Active Ingredients: 
Plymeric terpenes - 8.18%
Oxidized polyethylene - 9.12%

Product Label

Category: Surfactant

Type: Surfactants

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