Topflor Granular Ornamental PGR - 20 Lbs.


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Topflor Granular Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

Topflor Granular contains the active ingredient flurprimidol, which effectively reduces internode elongation through the inhibition of gibberellin biosyntheses, resulting in a more desireable compact ornamental plant. Topflor Granular has been shown to increase the quality of plants even in the absence of growth reduction. Some of these desireable qualities include darker leaf color, higher chlorophyll content, greater leaf thickness, stronger stems, and decreased water loss. When used as directed, Topflor Granular produces no phytotoxic effects. Topflor Granular is effective in controlling the height of most ornamental crops. The use and rate recommendations for the species that follow should be a starting point in determining the best rate for your specific cultural and environmental growing conditions.

Rate of use: Between 0.1 - 9.2 grams per pot depending on the type of ornamental and container size. See product label below for full details.

Active Ingredients: Flurprimidol - 0.17%

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