Titan Tall Fescue Grass And Bluegrass Seed Mixture

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TITAN Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Mix is comprised of 80% Titan RX Tall Fescue variety with Titan genetics and a small percentage 20% of Kentucky bluegrass. Kentucky bluegrass is known for its ability to net lawns together – to “sod” plants in and create a bit of cushion or thatch.

Key Features Of Titan Tall Fescue & Bluegrass Seed Mixture

  • Traffic Tolerant
  • Fast Establishing
  • Ideal For Sun & Shade
  • Excellent Pest Resistance
  • Attractive, Deep Green Color
  • Drought and Heat Tolerant
  • Self-repairing rhizomes
  • Natural insect resistance
  • Disease resistance and more!

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