Termidor Foam Termiticide Insecticide - 20 Oz.


Termidor Foam Termiticide Insecticide

Termidor Foam is a ready-to-use insecticide formulation. When dispensed, the formulation rapidly expands generating a dry foam with an expansion ratio of approximately 30:1, with 1 oz of the product being dispensed in approximately 5 seconds, producing about 1 quart of foam. This product can be used to control insects where they are found or suspected; in nests, galleries, harborages, and voids. This product can be applied in and around commercial and residential structures as well as structural and non-structural elements that are subject to attack by or provide harborage to, insects. Applications can be made from the interior and/or exterior. Drilling of a hole(s) may be required to access galleries or harborages. Treatment of insect harborages associated with utility poles, fences, bridges, landscape timbers, under slabs or other non-structural elements is permitted.

Use: Use adequate foam to treat the known or suspected insect harborages. After applying, hold the injector tip in place for approximately 8 seconds to allow the product within the injector tube to dispense into the treatment area. Drilling holes may be required to gain access to the known or suspected gallery, harborage or void.

Reapplication Interval: This product may be applied to previously treated sites if activity is found 30 days after previous application.

Active Ingredient: Fipronil - 0.0005%

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