Tecomate Ultra Forage Mix Seed - 9 Lbs.


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TECOMATE Ultra Forage 9 Lbs

The Ultimate Late Season Mix Seed Plot - Plants 1 Acre

Ultra Forage is formulated to be a fast-growing, highly attractive annual mix for small woodland “hunting plots.” And does it ever work. We’ve combined several proven legumes, i.e., peas, vetch and clovers, with chicory and specially selected brassicas, including a sensational new rape/turnip hybrid that produces both prime forage and highly preferred bulbs. Happily, the brassicas are most attractive during hunting season, when “frost-curing” causes the sugar content and palatability of the leaves to significantly increase and when the rape/turnip hybrid’s sugar-laden bulb matures. The result of our specially selected cultivars is a mix that explodes out of the ground and draws in bunches of deer … fast.

  • Legumes, Chicory and Brassicas
  • Fast-growing, highly attractive annual mix for small woodland hunting plots
  • Offers excellent nutrition and delicious bulbs very late into season
  • Extremely attractive after frost
  • Blend offer cultivars that are continuously attractive from early fall thru the end of the season
  • Planting Time: Zones 1 & 2: Spring or Fall
  • Planting Time: Zones 3 & 4: Fall
  • Coverage area – 1 (one) Acre

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Category: Ultra Forage Seed

Type: Food Plot Seeds

Brand: Tecomate

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