Talpirid Mole Bait - 20 Worms



Scientifically Proven to Kill Moles

Active Ingredient Bromethalin 0.02%

TALPIRID Mole Killer is a worm-shaped mole bait scientifically proven to kill moles in lawns and gardens. Moles usually die in their tunnels. Moles can consume a lethal dose in a single feeding and die in as little as two days.

Developed and tested on live, captured moles, TALPIRID Mole Killer works where grain baits, repellents and a myriad of home remedies have failed. This revolutionary mole bait mimics the mole's natural food - the earthworm. Plus it contains special enhancers that attract moles.

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  • RYGG . R. R.


    Easiest online ordering ever. Everything went simple, smooth and on time. I'll do it again.

  • G
    Gregory Dauterman G. D. Gregory D.

    what I needed

    I have used this product in the past. Talpirid takes care of the the moles quickly and without the mess of traps. the package arrived in good condition and respectable time frame. Thanks I would Buy from Seed World again.

  • M
    Mark Allen M. A. Mark A.

    Fast delivery

    I have been battling moles and voles using bait pellets. Just started using these worms and I think I see a significant reduction in burrowing activity. I've noticed in years past it helps t o mix up your approach to maximize effectiveness.

  • A
    Andy Mayberry A. M. Andy M.

    On time

    Hope they kill the flipping moles

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