Talpirid Mole Bait - 20 Worms



Scientifically Proven to Kill Moles

Active Ingredient Bromethalin 0.02%

TALPIRID Mole Killer is a worm-shaped mole bait scientifically proven to kill moles in lawns and gardens. Moles usually die in their tunnels. Moles can consume a lethal dose in a single feeding and die in as little as two days.

Developed and tested on live, captured moles, TALPIRID Mole Killer works where grain baits, repellents and a myriad of home remedies have failed. This revolutionary mole bait mimics the mole's natural food - the earthworm. Plus it contains special enhancers that attract moles.

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  • M
    Mark Allen M. A. Mark A.

    Fast delivery

    I have been battling moles and voles using bait pellets. Just started using these worms and I think I see a significant reduction in burrowing activity. I've noticed in years past it helps t o mix up your approach to maximize effectiveness.

  • A
    Andy Mayberry A. M. Andy M.

    On time

    Hope they kill the flipping moles

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