Sunniland 16-0-8 Nitro Green Fertilizer - 33 Lbs.

Sunniland Corporation

A granular fertilizer high in nitrogen. The nitrogen is used to increase the top growth's health and color. Because it is a dry fertilizer, it continuously feeds the lawn over a long period of time. To increase the amount of time that the lawn is fed, 25% of the nitrogen used in Nitro Green is slow-released. This is an excellent fertilizer for southern grasses.
  • Contains a micronutrient blend
  • Great for all lawn types
  • Coverage 7600 ft2
  • Rate 4 lbs. per 1000 ft2
  • Spreader setting Broadcast 5 ½ Drop 5. Spreader settings are all for approximations of a General Spreader based on 10 and calibrated. Walking speeds, stride length and condition may affect rates

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