Sunn Hemp Seeds - 10 Lbs.

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SeedRanch Sunn Hemp Seed

Planting Rate: 25 lbs/ acre

An explosive warm-season high-protein legume that is a super source of antler-growing protein. Grows 6-7 feet tall, and is a great soil-builder. Ideal as a stand alone or as a mix! Works Nationwide.

This NEW annual warm-season legume is what serious hunters and managers have always dreamed of. Sunn Hemp explodes out of the ground to over 7 feet tall and is highly preferred, loaded with antler-growing protein and able to take the heaviest browsing pressure! It is just the ticket for smaller or heavily browsed food plots. Perfect to mix with lablab, cowpeas, or soybeans to help screen these favorites during their vulnerable first few weeks. If Sunn Hemp gets too tall, mow to about a foot high to restart tender new growth. Unsurpassed soil-builder that puts loads of essential nitrogen into the soil. The perfect crop to precede your fall food plots. Best of all, Sunn Hemp provides the critical protein needed for bigger antlers and healthier deer.

Planting: When broadcasting, cover seeds by dragging, cultipacking or lightly disking. Plant seeds 1/2 to 1 inch deep in good moisture. Plant when the ground temperature is 65 degrees or above.

Recommended Planting Time:
Zone 1 (North): May 15 - Aug 1
Zone 2 (Mid-America): May 1 - Aug 15
Zone 3 (South): April 15 - Sept 1
Zone 4 (Coastal South): March 15 - Sept 15

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