Sulfur Powder

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Sulfur Powder 90 % Pure

**Wettable Dusting Sulfur Powder Excellent all round Farm Chem made from the highest quality material.

Can be used as a dust or wettable spray on Roses, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Provides a versatile method of controlling listed insects and diseases.
Controls Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot and Rusts.

Application Rates:
  •  As a spray: 4 tablespoons per gallon. 
  •  As a dust: Apply on all plant surfaces to thoroughly cover.

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  • P
    Phillip Lund P. L. Phillip L.

    Very pleased

    Exceptionally clean. I've historically grabbed a bucket or two from my local farmer's coop, but that stuff is always dirty and clumpy. Love that it's in a fine powder form as opposed to pellets. I wet down the plant leaves a little and this extremely fine powder sticks perfectly.

  • R
    Robert Rice R. R. Robert R.


    Great products and shipped promptly

  • R
    Randy Myers R. M. Randy M.

    Better than expected!

    Received shipment several days early and was pleasantly surprised to find sulfur powder I ordered was 99.90% pure. Saved me trouble of removing Bentonite and drying. They must of realized my needs ordering 13-0-46 and sent there pure sulfur. Well managed company. Thanks

  • T
    Tim Pilny T. P. Tim P.


    Packaging was very good and my item was shipped and received as promised.

  • T
    Tori Zoraksh T. Z. Tori Z.



  • J
    John Lehman J. L. John L.

    Sulfur review

    I received it as expected. I have no complaints i

  • G
    Geir Solbak G. S. Geir S.


    Very good quality. Fast shipping.

  • B
    Bob Longrie B. L. Bob L.

    1pound Sulfer

    Package arrive quickly, intact and exactly what I wanted. This will work for my needs.

  • D
    Dewayne Daniel D. D. Dewayne D.


    everything arrived fast, just what I ordered. thanks

  • E
    Erik Indzonka E. I. Erik I.

    Great service

    Great service. Only arrived late due to snow

  • T
    Timothy Sawyer T. S. Timothy S.

    Sulfur Powder

    Very good quality and density....very happy with this product....

  • D
    Dale Boggess D. B. Dale B.

    They truly make it right

    Small issue with damaged bag, they resent it quickly. 100% recommended. Can't wait to do business again.

  • J
    Jae Lee J. L. Jae L.

    Good product

    This is really good for the price. came in a sealed bag and no leakage worked great for me

  • D
    Dwayne Floyd D. F. Dwayne F.

    Sulfur powder

    Great product! Fast ship! Great price!!

  • T
    Tasha Johnson T. J. Tasha J.

    Too early

    Just put some sulfur on my tomato plant today. Too early to tell if it's the boost my maters need, but it's sulfur, can't go wrong with that.

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Category: Sulfur Powder

Type: Fungicide

Brand: Seed Barn

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