Stature SC Bayer Fungicide - 1.5 Lbs.


Stature SC Fungicide by Bayer

Stature SC fungicide is classified as a cinnamic acid derivative used for the perventive control of certain foliar, stem and root diseases of herbaceious and woody ornamental crops. Stature SC can be used on plants grown in greenhouses, shadehouses, lathhouses, and outdoor container or field nurseries, including conifer nursery seedlings. This product should be used in a program with other products to provide season-long protection. Under severe disease conditions, use maximum rates and shorter intervals for repeated applications.

Stature SC is a foliar and root penetrants iwth translaminar and locally systemic activity. Thorough plant coverage is important when Stature SC is used as a preventive application for foliar diseases. Dense foliage or excessive growth will often prevent adequate coverage; adjust spray volumes accordingly. Stature SC will also control stem and root diseases when applied to the root zone of the plant as a drench, soil surface or directed spray, or via hydroponic and chemigation systems.

Usage: Mix between 3.06 - 12.25 fl. oz. of product per 50 - 100 gallons depending on disease being controlled. See product label for full details.

Active Ingredients: dimethomorph - 43.5%

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Category: Fungicide

Type: Fungicide

Brand: Bayer

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