Squash Early Straightneck Seed - 1 Packet

Dibbs Seed Co.

Early Prolific Straightneck Squash Seeds

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A new summer squash borne on more compact vines. Smoother, more uniform fruits up to 14" (36 cm.) long. Lemon yellow, club shaped fruits of firm, fine-grained, thick flesh. Excellent eating quality. Early! Non-genetically engineered seeds.

Uses: Use raw with salads and with dips, or steamed, fried and baked; freezes well.

Planting depth: 3/4" (18 mm.)
Seeds per group (hill): 6-8
Spacing between seeds: 3" (7.5 cm.)
Spacing between groups (hills): 3'-4' (90-120 cm.)
Thin to plants per group (hill): 2-3
Days to maturity: 35-40

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