Squash Early Crookneck Seed - 1 Packet

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Early Yellow Summer Crookneck Squash Seeds

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Very popular, especially in the southern regions. The golden fruits of this unique variety have white flesh with a firm texture and a sweet, nutty flavor. Plants are easy to grow, mature quickly, and produce lots of low calorie, versatile fruits. Use raw in salads and with dips, or steamed, fried, and baked. Freezes well. Non-genetically engineered.

Culture: Direct seed at about the frost free date into rich, fertile soil. Usually sown in groups (hills) of 6-8 seeds and thinned to the 2-3 strongest plants per group. Water regularly and fertilize when 6" (15 cm.) tall. 

Harvest: Pick continuously when fruit is 6"-8" (15-20 cm.) long. Use a knife or shears. 

 Supplies several minerals and vitamins A and C.

Planting depth: 3/4"-1" (18-24 mm.)
Seeds per group (hill): 6-8
Spacing between seeds: 3" (7.5 cm.)
Spacing between groups (hills): 3'-4' (90-120 cm.)
Days to germination: 8-12
Thin to plants per group (hill): 2-3
Days to maturity: 42-60

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