Spike 20P Herbicide - 5 Lbs.

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Spike 20P Specialty Herbicide

Kills brush over time — roots and all. As a result, grass gets the sunlight, moisture and nutrients it needs to re-establish and grow. Land managers have relied on Spike 20P for years to slowly and thoroughly provide the brush control they want. In fact, based on research plots more than 20 years old, extension range specialists expect up to a 30-year population shift as a result of the treatment made years before, having controlled the unwanted brush with Spike 20P on creosotebush, catclaw and tarbush.

Spike 20P specialty herbicide provides long-term control of more than 110 woody species. Use it on post oak, black jack oak, running live oak and sand shinnery oak, to name a few. Elms, yaupon, creosotebush, big sagebrush and whitebrush are other species for which Spike 20P is particularly effective.

Rate of use: ranges from 3.75-20 Lbs. of product per acre, depending on species to be controlled. See label for more information.

Active ingredient: Tebuthiuron, 20%

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